We achieve superior quality using high-grade raw materials, specially developed aluminium alloys and powerful production technology. Flawless rough castings are made at precisely controlled stations in a low-pressure process. These are then compressed by rotating cylinders. In three stages of heat treatment, the desired strength of the future wheel is precisely defined. Then, for surface treatment, we use a variety of efficient methods depending on the specific requirements of each wheel. Coatings are applied in several layers. Diamond cutting and ceramic polishing create a perfect finish. Additionally, we use a ball burnishing process to harden the wheel surface. A final coat of clear lacquer protects the material for the long term.  

The wheels of cnrmc have unique quality and design features, and can withstand many times the load specified by the European ECE standard. We laid the foundation for this technology before mass production. Using FEM analysis and computer simulation, wheel performance can be determined and optimized during the design phase. The prototype must prove its quality on a laboratory test bench under extreme conditions. During mass production, an effective quality assurance system can ensure that each wheel has first-class quality. We have obtained the prestigious DIN ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, DIN ISO 50001 for sustainable and efficient energy management, DIN EN ISO 9001 certification for effective quality management, and IATF 16949, an international quality standard for the automotive industry.

And to meet and exceed such high expectations time and again, advanced design and production technology is an absolute requirement – as is a highly skilled team of motivated employees. cnrmc offers everything!


  • CNCMC makes travel safer

  • CNRMC will accompany you all the way

  • New technology

    Our air intake technology uses the hollow chamber principle, which greatly reduces the unsprung weight.

  • Anti-collision protection

    cnrmc developed a polished stainless steel anti-collision protection device and applied for a patent

  • Reverse spoke

    When reverse milling the spokes, for lightweight alloy wheels, the best ratio between weight and stability can be achieved.